Ilian Iliev featured in Family Capital article – “Robotics and AI attract family investors”

In a recent edition of Family Capital, Ilian talks to Family Capital about the growing attraction of sectors such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for family-backed investors.
There is a growing trend within the family office community toward ‘deep-tech’ opportunities, wherein a strong lead investor with sectoral experience can be extremely valuable. This can be either a venture capital group with portfolio experience in the sector, or a corporate venturing group which has its roots in the technology area, providing deep experience and expertise in that field.
Family offices can be attracted to the sectors with a synergistic relationship with the core business for example, if the family have a logistics business, they are likely to be interested in warehouse or transportation-related robotics. This interest can lead to investment in these sectors and their related fields.
Another factor is that investing in technologies such as Robotics and AI is likely to appeal to next-generation members of the family. They may see it as novel, exciting, and about the future; using their family network to accelerate their efforts in these areas.
Family Capital is a publishing company dedicated to the global family business sector. You can read the full article here: Robotics and AI attract family investors

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