EMVC Evergreen EIS Fund

EMVC Evergreen EIS Fund is a discretionary portfolio which will make investments into EIS Qualifying Companies in technologies driving the advancement of British industrial high-tech and its applications; including robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision, electronics, IoT and materials science. EMV Capital is exclusive adviser to the fund which is managed by Sapphire Capital Partners.


Investment Strategy

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The Fund will invest in B2B businesses built on core technological innovation, generating tangible economic value for the industrial sectors in the real economy.
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The Fund will seek to leverage EMVC's network of corporate relationships both to validate the opportunities and to accelerate the growth of the Investee Companies.
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The Fund will seek to benefit from EMVC’s access to follow-on funding, such as through EMVC’s contacts with institutional investors, corporate venturing teams and investment vehicles.


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EIS Benefits

30% EIS income tax relief on amount subscribed (up to a maximum investment of £1 million for the 2019/2020 tax year and/or £1 million carried back to 2018/2019 tax year)

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100% inheritance tax relief after two years (provided the investment is held at the time of death)

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EIS Capital Gains Tax deferral for the life of the investment on amount subscribed

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Loss relief (a loss on shares disposed of can be set against an Investor’s income or capital gain to reduce tax)

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100% tax free growth (provided income tax relief has been given and not withdrawn and disposal takes place after the end of the EIS Three Year Period)

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Business Investment Relief (for certain UK resident non-UK domiciled Investors). No taxable remittance for foreign income or gains brought into the UK from offshore for qualifying investments for certain UK resident non-domiciled investors.

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