Life Sciences Investing

At EMV Capital, we recognise the monumental importance of life sciences investing in driving innovation, improving global health, and addressing sustainability challenges. With a deep understanding of the sector and a commitment to backing high-growth B2B companies, we are proud to provide comprehensive support and strategic investment in subsectors such as biotech, medtech, diagnostics, and health tech. Through our expert team and a portfolio of exceptional companies, we are actively shaping the future of the life sciences industry.

Why Invest in Life Sciences Companies? 

Significant growth potential: Life sciences companies operate in a sector with immense growth potential. Advances in medical research, technology, and healthcare solutions create opportunities for innovative companies to develop ground-breaking therapies, diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health solutions. Investing in these companies allows investors to participate in the potential for substantial returns as they address critical health challenges and disrupt traditional healthcare models.

Intellectual Property and competitive advantage: Life sciences companies often possess valuable intellectual property rights, including patents and proprietary technologies. These intellectual assets create barriers to entry for competitors and provide a competitive advantage. Investing in companies with strong intellectual property portfolios can lead to significant market differentiation and potential for market dominance. 

Creating positive change: Investing in life sciences companies allows investors to make a positive impact on society by supporting advancements in healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and addressing unmet medical needs. This aligns with investors’ desire to generate financial returns while contributing to the well-being and betterment of society.

Government backing: In recent years the UK government has supported investment in life sciences companies through various initiatives such as the EIS or SEIS scheme. The government recognises the important role that the UK plays when it comes to life sciences.

Why EMV Capital?  

EMV Capital is a VC investor that specialises in sourcing and investing in high-growth potential B2B companies in the life sciences sector. Our expert team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and network connections, enabling us to identify and nurture promising ventures with significant potential for growth and impact. 

We possess a deep understanding of the unique dynamics and challenges within the subsectors of biotech, medtech, diagnostics, and health tech, allowing us to provide targeted and value-added support to our portfolio companies.

Our Portfolio Companies

Our portfolio companies demonstrate our commitment to advancing innovation in the life sciences field. Our pioneering portfolio companies are at the very forefront of advancement and innovation:

  • Vortex: A pioneering biotech company focused on developing cutting-edge therapies for genetic disorders and rare diseases.
  • Wanda Health: A leader in health tech solutions, utilising advanced AI and data analytics to enhance remote patient care and improve healthcare outcomes.
  • Glycotest: A diagnostics company leveraging novel biomarkers and AI algorithms to enable early detection and diagnosis of liver diseases.
  • Epibone: A revolutionary medtech firm specialising in the development of personalised bone grafts using a patient’s own stem cells.
  • FOx Biosystems: A biotech company at the forefront of developing innovative tools and technologies for cell analysis and manipulation.
  • DName-iT: A diagnostics company focused on the development of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies for precision medicine applications.
  • Martlet Capital: A venture capital firm dedicated to supporting early-stage life sciences companies, providing crucial funding and strategic guidance.
  • SageTech Medical: A medical technology company focused on developing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for wound care and infection control.

Through our diverse portfolio, we are actively fostering innovation, driving positive change, and contributing to the growth of companies that are shaping a better future.


Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.