PointGrab launches smart sensing solution for COVID-19, facilitating return to work in smart offices

PointGrab is adapting it’s Smart Sensing Platform to the new COVID-19 reality, by adding functionality that helps organizations deploy an effective social distancing policy

The COVID-19 global crisis is causing a dramatic economic slowdown. The challenge ahead is to return businesses to normal operation as soon as possible. It is clear that commercial real estate will need to adopt to a new reality, even if the scope and type of transformation is yet to be clear.

PointGrab, the leading provider of facility management sensing solutions for workspace optimization, is adapting to this new reality, by adding functionality that helps deploy an effective social distancing policy.

This includes tracking of key factors, enabling organizations with essential capabilities such as:

  • Real-time people count and density in each space, enabling alerting when overcrowding limits are reached.
  • Distance between occupants, Identifying areas where minimal distance (e.g. 2 meters or 6 feet) is not maintained
  • Movement between zones
  • Implementation of hygiene measures, such as time spent at a hand-washing station before entering a room


Doron Shachar, PointGrab CEO, said: “The world is deeply affected by COVID-19. We see many companies around the globe struggling to survive, waiting to return to normal course of business, while governments are forced to keep restrictions in place. We expect that such regulations will be in place for a long time, and will force firms to adopt a workplace that consists of real time data and flexibility in order to continuously adjust.

PointGrab is now offering a solution that can balance the two, allowing offices, retail locations, and factories to open up while maintaining new health regulations and reducing risk to occupants.”

Shachar added: “Being a market leader, PointGrab is proud to be deployed in over 200 locations around the globe, providing an advanced working environment to hundreds of customers around 5 continents. Governments are now defining new regulations around social distancing, that are affecting public behavior in offices, stores, healthcare facilities, and social gatherings. PointGrab is expanding to help its customers adjust to this new business environment, accelerating the return to business as usual, while reducing public health risk.”

About PointGrab

PointGrab is a leading machine learning and computer vision PropTech company that provides smart sensing solutions to the building automation and facilities management industry. The company applies its superior deep-learning technology to the building automation ecosystem, where opportunities to gather data are abundant, but efficient, real-time analytics are lacking.

For more information, please visit http://www.pointgrab.com.

For PointGrab COVID-19 use case video, please visit https://vimeo.com/407575381

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