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Insight Photonics

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Sector: Sustainability & Industrials

Insight Photonics has developed an Akinetic, all semiconductor laser: a platform technology with a step-change in performance for multiple applications including Industrial maintenance and processes monitoring for resource efficiency, LiDAR, and Medical Imaging.

The company’s semiconductor technology revolutionizes optical coherence tomography through high speed sweeping which can be adjusted to any speed (2K-400K), with one million sweeps per second, and a 95% adjustable duty cycle with nanoseconds between sweeps.

Provides a step-change in performance for multiple applications including:

  • Medical Imaging for Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology,
  • Dentistry, Peripheral artery, Breast cancer,
  • Alzheimer, Dermatology and other medical areas.

Other applications include LCD inspection, industry and manufacturing, flow measurement, Biometric ID, art diagnostics and restoration, etc.


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