Q-Bot appointed to install its underfloor insulation in 34 properties in Otterburn

Q-Bot has recently been appointed by energy solutions provider E.ON to install its robotic underfloor insulation in 34 properties in Otterburn in the North of England.

The homes are managed by Karbon Homes, which aims to get these properties close to net zero by installing several energy efficiency measures funded through the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund wave 1.

Formed in 2017, Karbon Homes is a housing association in the North East of England and Yorkshire, managing almost 30,000 homes. They are focused on delivering good quality homes, excellent service to their customers, and creating a sustainable and friendly environment for their local communities.

Karbon Homes aims to drive the path to net zero homes by installing multiple energy efficiency measures. This will involve ensuring appropriate insulation coverage in lofts and increasing the thickness where required, installing external or cavity wall insulation, solar panels which will generate electricity for customers to use for free, and finally Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation.

Anthony Bell, Karbon’s Assistant Director of Asset and Regeneration said:With the cost of energy rising fast, our work to improve the efficiency of our homes has never been more important. This significant investment, made possible thanks to support from our local authority partners, will reduce the energy demand from these 90 homes and in turn reduce carbon emissions.

E.ON is the managing agent on behalf of Karbon Homes, acting as the Principal Contractor. E.ON is an energy provider of energy efficiency measures to social housing associations, local authorities, and private residential customers. The retrofit measures are usually financed through government funding such as the Local Authority Delivery Scheme, Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund and Energy Company Obligation. E.ON plays a key role in the retrofit sector, delivering 11 other similar upgrade schemes across the country.

Dave Newitt, Director of E.ON’s Energy Installation Services division, said:We work with local authorities and housing associations across the country to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of people’s homes and we’re delighted to be working with Q-Bot and Karbon Homes to improve the energy efficiency of homes across the Otterburn region.

By working with organisations such as the Karbon Homes, we’re able to utilise existing funding programmes through our Energy Company Obligation, to ensure residents can become more sustainable and benefit from lower energy bills and we can work together to support the UK’s net zero ambition.

Q-Bot provides a unique method of installing underfloor insulation, fully recognised, and leveraged in the housing sector. Operating from its headquarters in London and with operational bases in Newcastle and Newport, Q-Bot‘s robotic measure is essential in the retrofit pathway to meet energy standard and contribute towards net zero target. Controlled remotely, the robot is inserted in the underfloor void, sprays insulation to the underside of suspended floors, and then verifies that the work has been done correctly. The insulation immediately reduces the heat loss through the floor and stops draughts, ensuring a more efficient home. Q-Bot’s robotic solution delivers an EPC improvement between 2-12 points and saves on average £250/yr on heating bills (verified by Energy Saving Trust, 2022).

Karbon Homes was impressed with Q-Bot’s benefits, offering a straightforward, no hassle and cost-effective solution to reduce their property’s energy demand and carbon footprint. Customers can stay inside their house while the work is being done. Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation will ensure Karbon homes’ customers have a more environmentally friendly and warmer home to live in, without mentioning the impact on their energy bills.

The opportunity to work with Eon on the Karbon Homes and other similar projects represents a significant milestone in Q-Bot’s growth. Eon are involved in roughly 20% of all UK Housing Retrofit Projects, and our close collaboration, which has developed through our early Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding relationship show an exciting trajectory for our innovative underfloor insulation solution. Leigh Fairbrother, Q-Bot Head of Commercial.

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