Dr Ilian Iliev

Dr Ilian Iliev

Managing Director

Dr. Ilian Iliev is Managing Director of EMV Capital and CEO of NetScientific, a deep tech and life sciences VC investment group with an international portfolio of innovative companies.

Prior to that he co-founded and was CEO of CambridgeIP Ltd (2006-2012), which he built into a leading IP and patent strategy and data analytics provider in the UK and internationally. Previously he co-founded a family business in industrials and electric engineering in Southern Africa. He is a Board member on behalf of the Group at many portfolio companies, including PDS Biotechnology Corporation., Glycotest Inc., Sofant Technologies, PointGrab, Q-Bot, Martlet Capital, DName-iT, Vortex and Wanda Health.

Ilian holds a PhD from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School with a focus on Venture Capital; Master’s in Economics from the Witwatersrand University, South Africa; and is a former Associate Fellow at Chatham House. He has authored numerous academic, policy and industry reports.


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