Dr Ilian Iliev

Dr Ilian Iliev

Managing Director

Dr. Ilian Iliev is Managing Director of EMV Capital and CEO of NetScientific, an investment and commercialisation group with an international portfolio of innovative life science, sustainability and technology companies. EMV Capital is a fully-owned subsidiary of NetScientific.

Prior to that he co-founded and was CEO of CambridgeIP Ltd (2006-2012), which he built into a leading IP and patent strategy and data analytics provider in the UK and internationally. Previously he co-founded a family business in industrials and electric engineering in Southern Africa. He is a Board member on behalf of the Group at many portfolio companies, including PDS Biotechnology Corporation., Glycotest Inc. (Chair), Sofant Technologies, PointGrab, Q-Bot, Martlet Capital, DName-iT, Vortex (Chair) and Wanda Health (Chair).

Ilian holds a PhD from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School with a focus on Venture Capital; Master’s in Economics from the Witwatersrand University, South Africa; and is a former Associate Fellow at Chatham House. He has authored numerous academic, policy and industry reports.

Key publications include:

Who Owns Our Low Carbon Future? Intellectual property and energy technologies – Report co-authored with Chatham House (2009)

Barriers to Venture Capital Investment in Innovative SMEs in CEEs–Causes and Policy Implications – in Piech&Radosevic (eds) The Knowledge-Based Economy in Central and East European Countries, Palgrave MacMillan (2006)

FirstSolar : A Focus on the Technology Fundamentals – CambridgeIP Report (2011)

Desalination Technologies and the Use of Alternative Energies for Desalination – Report for International Renewables Energy Agency and World Intellectual Property Office (2012)

Membrane Filtration and UV Water Treatment: A report on selected water treatment technologies and their application in desalination systems – Report for World Intellectual Property Office (2012)

Desalination: new frontier for renewable energy? – Article for Renewable Energy Focus (2012)

Challenges and opportunities in the licensing of renewable technologies – Journal of Commercial Biotechnology (2009)

Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Technology Transfer – Report for UNFCCC (2008)

Intellectual Property: Crosslicensing, Patent Pools and Cooperative Standards as a Channel for Climate Change Technology Cooperation – Report for Climate Strategies (2008)


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