Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean

Venture Partner

Kevin Dean is an engineer with 30+ years of experience in technology, information systems and informatics innovation. He is the Managing Director of Health Tech consultancy Smart Health Science Limited, working with innovators and venture funders to bring health technology and services to the market. Kevin is also the Chair of Sweden-based quantified MRI company AMRA ab that is creating the world’s biggest body composition database; Chair of Combinostics Oy, a Finland-based international company that provides advanced tools for data-driven diagnostics in dementia, MS and Alzheimer’s Disease, giving the physician a holistic view of all patient data.

Kevin is also a Senior Research Fellow with the RAND Corporation in Europe; Adjunct Professor of Telehealth and Assistive Living at the Maersk Institute in Denmark, and is a member of the Pistoia Alliance Advisory Board. Kevin has worked in health & care for over 20 years, with past roles including health & care Innovation Director for Cisco, and as Non-Executive Director of Genomics England Limited (the world’s largest Whole Genome Sequencing programme) with responsibility for Information.

The Health Services Journal named Kevin, in 2013, as one of the Top 50 Innovators in Healthcare.


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