Vortex Biosciences CEO Paul Jones – Pharma in the UK

The UK has a wide range of life sciences initiatives designed to help the nation both develop a stronger foothold in the global pharma industry and create world-class treatments for patients. Initiatives such as the UK Biobank, Genomics England and, most recently, Our Future Health, show investors that the UK is committed to driving innovation on its own shores. Speaking on this, Paul Jones, CEO, Vortex Biosciences, states that these large-scale programmes are interesting even for small businesses, as he believes that they “could be the proving ground for getting new and innovative types of technology adopted at a population level”. An example he raises is liquid biopsy, which can screen for early-stage cancers via a single blood test.

These innovative initiatives, combined with the great minds sitting in organisations such as the London Cancer Hub and other scientific institutes, can also make the UK a tempting market for early-stage companies looking to draw the best minds into their businesses. The UK hopes to be not only a fertile ground for innovation, but a pool of talent as well.

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