“Who are EIS investors?” – FT Adviser features Ilian Iliev’s article on the ‘typical EIS investor’

The FT Adviser features EMV Capital’s Ilian Iliev’s Article on the typical EIS investor profile, and how their goals and objectives shape the ecosystem.
The old model of a once-a-year tax affairs review and largely passive allocation of investments may be coming to an end. Increasingly, advisers will be under pressure to innovate to remain relevant for a new generation of more independent high-net-worth investors.
The emerging trends in EIS investment in the knowledge-based economy provide a potential win-win for advisers looking to differentiate, and a new generation of investors looking for a greater diversity and customisation in products.
Financial Adviser is the premier weekly newspaper for the UK based financial intermediary community. You can read the full piece here: Who are EIS investors?

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