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Sector: Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Vortex provides an easy-to-use, label-free, sample preparation free, benchtop solution for routine isolation and purification of CTCs from your liquid biopsy samples.

Vortex mission is to be the innovation leader in Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) capture technology that improves therapeutic decisions and saves lives. This exciting area is providing critical information from research to the clinic, causing a major shift in how cancer can be treated and monitored.

The combination of targeted therapies and precise diagnostics is allowing for the era of personalized medicine to emerge. The capture and enrichment of circulating tumour cells is going to be a critical element of targeted companion diagnostics. We believe our next generation CTC capture system will allow the full potential of CTCs to be realized.

Originally a spin-out from University of California, Los Angeles, Vortex is now dually based in the UK and the Bay Area, US, with a growing international customer base using its automated VTX-1 instrument and generating recurring revenues from disposable cartridges. 




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